7.  Hua Hin, Thailand

hua hin
  • Your monthly budget: $975

The main draw in this resort town is the beach. A vibrant expat community keeps busy playing golf, tennis and eating out.

Health care is great and the crime rate is low. Rent for a one-bedroom will run you just $400 a month, plus $60 for utilities. The palace in Hua Hin is where the king of Thailand spends most of the year.

About two hours away are seven different national parks. Many people speak English, but you'll have to pick up some Thai. Consider taking a class or hiring a tutor.

First published July 24, 2015: 2:39 PM ET
Monthly budgets consider the following costs: rent for a one-bedroom apartment, groceries, utilities, cable, Internet, phone services, and entertainment (eating out twice a week and two trips to the movies a month).

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