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Joe finds a new job and at age 35 is now making $55,000 a year. At this point he should have $82,500 saved for retirement.

How to get there: Check in on your portfolio to make sure you're taking on enough risk to grow your investments. If retirement is 30 years away, you should have about 80% of your assets in the stock market.

When you switch jobs, you must decide what to do with your 401(k) from your old company. To avoid a 10% penalty for cashing out early, think about moving the funds into your new company's 401(k) or a rollover IRA, or leaving the money where it is.

First published December 6, 2018: 4:08 PM ET
Source: Calculations come from Charlie Farrell, CEO at Northstar Investment Advisors. Figures target a 70% to 80% pre-retirement income replacement at age 65 for an assumed 30-year retirement. It assumes Social Security will account for 20% of retirement income, a 3.5% return on investments, and a withdrawal rate between 4% and 5% annually in retirement.

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