2.  Cayo, Belize

best places retire 2016 cayo belize
  • Your monthly budget: $1,200

This inland region of Belize is for those who want to relocate far, far away from a bustling city.

The cost of living is low, but you may have to pay a lot to import things from home that you can't find locally, said Kathleen Piccord, the publisher of Live and Invest Overseas. If you're looking for high-speed Internet or a hopping downtown, this region may not be for you.

Expats enjoy exploring Mayan archaeological sites, caves, waterfalls and forests.

First published January 6, 2016: 8:16 AM ET
Monthly budgets consider the following costs: rent for a one-bedroom apartment, groceries, utilities, cable, Internet, phone services, and entertainment (eating out twice a week and two trips to the movies a month).

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