5 back to school buys that mix style with charity

These products offer something unique: They're giving back to kids in need.

.  TOMS Campus Classics

Tom's Shoes
TOMS' new "Campus Classics" collection features school colors of 33 colleges.

The philosophy behind TOMS is simple: When you buy a pair of their shoes, the company gives a pair of shoes to a child in need.

In the past, TOMS has given more than two million pairs of shoes to kids in 40 countries. Styled after the traditional Argentine canvas shoe called Alpargatas, TOMS are sold nationwide, with prices ranging from $44 for the original simple canvas shoe to as high as $150 for leather, suede and cashmere versions.

For back to school, TOMS has launched "TOMS Campus Classics" that feature school colors of 33 colleges. "We know that college kids are TOMS fans," said Doug Piwinski, senior vice president with Los Angeles-based TOMS. "With this collection, we're hoping to combine their passion for TOMS with pride for the school."

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