Making 'smart tech' chic

fashion startup kovert
Kate Unsworth, founder of Kovert Designs
  • Startup: Kovert Designs

Our reliance on technology need not be so obvious. Instead, it can be hidden in stylish jewelry.

That's the mission of Kovert Designs, a London-based startup founded by former model-turned-coder Kate Unsworth.

Kovert Designs' first collection of smart jewelry (bracelets, necklaces and rings) feature a ceramic black or white stone. But the stone also functions as a "tech pack," which vibrates when certain emails, texts, or calls come through. (The alerts can all be customized through an app.)

"Everything we do is quite stealth," said Unsworth. "We're about invisible, discreet technology...our consumer is not a tech early adopter -- they're fashion conscious."

The line will be for sale on Net-a-Porter before the holiday season (as well as on the Kovert Designs site) -- and will run from $480 (for a ring in silver) to $590 (for a necklace in rose gold or gold).

First published September 10, 2014: 11:42 AM ET

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