Personalizing closet basics

fashion startup bow&drape
Aubrie Pagano, co-founder of Bow & Drape
  • Startup: Bow & Drape

Bow & Drape wants to help fashionistas branch out from cookie-cutter shopping by customizing their wardrobe staples.

Customers shop from six basic wardrobe staples -- from a classic sweatshirt ($78) to a denim jacket ($150). They can then personalize them with appliques, bows and beadings, embroidery and custom lettering -- at no extra cost.

If you're feeling more like a follower than a leader, you can pick from designs that others have created.

The startup -- which launched in Boston and is now based in New York City -- is banking on a community-driven approach to e-commerce.

"We think that's the future of fashion in some sense," said co-founder Aubrie Pagano. "That's the really the great thing about the Internet: Anyone can become a content provider and anyone can become an influencer."

First published September 10, 2014: 11:42 AM ET

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