The 6 longest TV blackout wars

When networks and carriers disagree over fees, subscribers can miss out on their favorite TV shows.

Comcast SportsNet vs. DirecTV

longest tv blackouts houston astros

Time Warner Cable (TWC) customers may lose local and network CBS (CBS) programs if the two companies do not come to an agreement before Monday at 5 p.m. over a fee charged by the network for its content.

If CBS pulls the plug on Monday, it would not be the first to do so. In fact, a number of disputes have led to network blackouts for months at a time. The networks often want to increase the retransmission fee so that they are paid more by cable and satellite companies for carrying TV channels and shows.

In one instance, DirecTV has refused to meet the demands made by a new sports channel, Comcast (CCV) SportsNet, for a higher fee. Thus, Houston Astros fans have not been able to watch their favorite baseball team play this entire season. The debate has been ongoing since Comcast SportsNet gained the exclusive rights to air Astros' and Rockets' basketball games in October 2012.

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