White Truffle

white truffle
Co-founders Ali Behnam (left), Alex Deve and Michael Morell
  • What it's doing: Eliminating gender and race from the equation

Wish your gender or race wasn't the first thing recruiters knew about you?

Try out White Truffle, a job hiring platform that strips away identifying information so employers only look at what's most relevant.

White Truffle's algorithm considers things like work history, education, location and willingness to relocate in order to match applicants to jobs.

Only once it's a match is the candidate's identity revealed.

According to co-founder and CEO Alex Deve, this was an unintended byproduct of the four-year-old platform but has turned out to be a major selling point.

"This was done to protect people who are already in a job, but it also serves to remove biases toward gender or race," said Deve.

The findings have been surprising: Female candidates get matched with more companies than male candidates (58% vs. 42%), and women also reject companies more than men.

There are currently 50,000 developers and techies on the platform -- 21% of whom are women -- and over 5,000 companies using the software to find talent.

First published March 30, 2015: 4:10 PM ET

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