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Jeff Fernandez believes a company's success depends on its culture.

He's the CEO of Grovo, an online learning company that uses short videos to teach professional and digital skills. The videos cover everything from how to use Prezi to how to create a Google AdWords campaign.

The company wants to help close the digital skills gap. Grovo's clients include Equinox and Whole Foods.

Fernandez, 31, is committed to finding and keeping the best talent. His goal: Make each of his 156 employees feel essential -- a challenge for a rapidly growing firm. (It employed just 35 people a year ago.)

Grovo's Park Avenue office in New York offers art and philosophy clubs that meet over lunch, rec leagues, a gym, a kitchen and manicures on Fridays.

"To build something big, you have to keep pushing," said Fernandez, who says Grovo's revenue has jumped 20% every month for nearly two years. -- S.O.

First published June 24, 2015: 8:16 AM ET

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