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Paris Wallace is responsible for 350,000 pregnancies.

He's the founder of Ovuline, the startup behind Ovia Fertility and Ovia Pregnancy.

The first is focused on tracking data on menstrual cycles and physical and emotional symptoms to predict when a woman is most fertile. Ovia Pregnancy is for that next step: It tracks the stages of a pregnancy.

"We now have a pregnancy reported every 45 seconds on our app ... which is fantastic," said Wallace, 33. His Boston-based firm has raised $7 million in funding since launching in 2012.

Wallace said the two apps have millions of users. Ovuline uses its data to identify potential health risks in women and develop algorithms to help users get pregnant.

"The next blockbuster drug is going to be data," he said.

First published June 24, 2015: 8:14 AM ET

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