8 startups that'll make your travel experience so much better

Here are the new travel apps and services that will make trips easier, less time-consuming, and more fun for the every day business traveler.

Plan a multi-city trip with ease

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  • Service to try: Vamo

Booking travel is a hassle -- and especially so when there are multiple stops involved.

That's where former Facebook engineer Ari Steinberg has stepped in with his novel travel booking site called Vamo.

The Seattle-based startup lets users build an itinerary based on destinations and desired time in each location. Then, Vamo presents the best travel options -- which includes airlines, buses, ferries, trains. Users can review and customize itinerary, selecting to go with all or part of Vamo's suggestions.

The friction involved in booking travel plans prevents people from exploring more of the world, according to Steinberg.

Vamo aims to let people "enjoy the fun part" of the booking process. To showcase this, Vamo launched a #PriceMyTrip feature. Twitter users can task Vamo to price trips by tweeting origin, destination and the hashtag. Vamo will customize the trip in response.

The startup, which partners with Expedia and takes a cut on hotel bookings, has collected $1.6 million in funding to date.

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