8 startups that'll make your travel experience so much better

Here are the new travel apps and services that will make trips easier, less time-consuming, and more fun for the every day business traveler.

Dine at a home, but not yours

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  • Service to try: BonAppetour

Eating out at restaurants night after night while traveling can get old. Startups offer Airbnb-like services for home dining offer an alternative.

One such service is BonAppetour, which has been operating since October 2014. It has focused mainly on the European market -- its biggest market is in Italy -- but plans to double down on the U.S. in a few months from now.

Hosts post food menus on their profiles for guests to browse and book. BonAppetour vet all hosts that are on the platform to ensure they're able to provide travelers delicious and comfortable dining experiences in the hosts' homes.

Travelers indicate how many people in their party and note any food allergies. Hosts receive an SMS and e-mail to coordinate the occasion. The dinner will run attendees about 35 euros.

There are 500 homes on the platform now across 50 cities, including New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia in the U.S. Other services like Traveling Spoon and Plate Culture are also tackling the space.

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