5 years after the crisis: Main St. vs. Wall St.

Five years after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, and two years after Occupy Wall Street, CNNMoney got together a political economist, an Occupy protester and a former Lehman Brothers banker to discuss income inequality in America and the relationship the financial system has with the broader economy.

  • Who's to blame for income inequality?

    From Wall Street to Washington, our panelists list a number of factors contributing to income inequality.

  • Why is the U.S.A. so unequal?

    With higher income inequality than in other developed economies, is the U.S. safety net broken, or is it to blame?

  • Why Occupy Wall Street fizzled out

    Did the anarchists kill the Occupy Wall Street movement with a lack of organization? Our Occupy panelist defends the success of the protests.

  • Since Lehman, has Wall St. culture changed?

    Our financial panelist says there is a lot less risk taking on Wall Street, but everyone agrees the fundamentals of the system have not changed.

  • Will fast food unions be the next movement?

    Robert Reich says striking low-wage workers need collective action and bargaining, but our other panelists are skeptical of union power.