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Monday, July 16, 2018

Warren Buffett just gave $3.4 billion to charity

Buffett announced plans to gradually donate all his Berkshire shares in 2006.

Published 6:09 PM

Amazon Prime Day marked by outages, dogs

Amazon was struggling with Alexa and website outages on Monday, as it tried to kick off Amazon Prime Day.

Published 5:10 PM

Redheads, lobsters and cupcakes: Apple shows off new iOS emojis

Redheads, superheroes and lobsters will rejoice when they see the latest Apple emojis coming to iPhones and iPads.

Published 5:04 PM

Uber is under a federal investigation for gender discrimination

An EEOC investigation into the Uber's hiring practices, wages, among other gender-related topics, began quietly in August 2017.

Published 4:27 PM

Will Elon Musk's antics hurt his businesses?

Once again, Elon Musk is in the middle of a controversy of his own making. And he may be testing investors' patience.

Published 3:32 PM

Former oil CEO charged with exchanging corporate favors for personal loans

A former oil company CEO has been charged with living an extravagant lifestyle using millions of dollars in hidden personal loans he allegedly received from contractors and an investor.

Published 3:25 PM

Happy Prime Day! Bezos worth $150 billion as Amazon hits all-time high

Amazon's Jeff Bezos is the world's richest man. And it's not even close. Bezos is worth more than Bill Gates and Larry Page combined. He has a nearly $60 billion lead over Warren Buffett.

Published 3:19 PM

Why oil prices are suddenly tanking

Once red-hot, oil prices are suddenly tanking. Rumors about emergency action from the Trump administration helped send US crude plunging 5% on Monday, sinking below $68 a barrel.

Published 2:12 PM

Netflix added 5 million customers, but Wall Street is panicking

Netflix shares fell about 13% after hours. The streamer reported that it added about 1 million subscribers less than expected last quarter.

Published 1:55 PM

Wall Street's $6.3 trillion man is worried about a trade war

Larry Fink. CEO of iShares owner BlackRock, said investors are nervous about trade tension between the US and China.

Published 1:13 PM

Judge's order for LA Times to alter published story sparks outrage from press advocates

Within hours of the story's publication, the Times received an order from Judge John F. Walter to remove details of the plea agreement.

Published 1:10 PM

Bank of America has 1,720 fewer branches than in 2008

Bank of America announced on Monday that for the first time more of its customers made more deposits on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets than in person at branches.

Published 12:45 PM

FCC chair expresses 'serious concerns' about Sinclair's bid for Tribune

FCC chair Ajit Pai takes issue with Sinclair's plans to divest certain stations in order to win regulatory approval.

Published 11:50 AM

Cave rescuer considers legal action against Musk

A British rescuer says he is considering legal action against Elon Musk after he made an unfounded and disparaging claim he was a "pedo" in a now-deleted tweet.

Published 11:22 AM

The best stock this year isn't Netflix. It's...

Shares of Abiomed, a maker of heart pumps and other medical devices that was added to the S&P 500 in May, are up 125% this year. That makes it a better performing stock than Netflix, Twitter, Amazon and other hot tech companies.

Published 11:22 AM

PACIFIC • Dog Days of M&A Summer

What Comcast Is Thinking • Sacha Baron Cohen's Flop • Howard Schultz's 2020 Vision • Why Netflix Likes Comics

Published 11:13 AM

This could be the Rolls-Royce of flying taxis

Engine maker Rolls-Royce is looking for partners to help it build a flying taxi that can take off vertically.

Published 10:36 AM

Papa John's founder John Schnatter kicked out of his office

The board of directors has terminated his lease at its Louisville, Kentucky headquarters.

Published 9:33 AM

The smart home of tomorrow will call 911 for you

This startup teamed up with Apple, Google and Amazon to give smart devices a direct line to emergency services.

Published 9:02 AM

Adidas will only use recycled plastics by 2024

The global sportswear company has committed to using only recycled plastic in its products by 2024.

Published 8:20 AM

Deutsche Bank is making money again

The second quarter was much stronger than expected, giving CEO Christian Sewing some breathing room as he races to slash costs and refocus the bank.

Published 7:13 AM

Dubai's Noon takes on Amazon

CNN spoke with Mohamed Alabbar, founder of Emaar Properties and Noon, about his plans to challenge Amazon in the Middle East.

Published 6:41 AM

China slowdown; Netflix earnings; Smartphone hang up

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 5:37 AM

China is making it harder to invest in smartphone maker Xiaomi

China's big stock exchanges have denied mainland investors the ability to buy into Xiaomi and other companies with two classes of shares.

Published 5:03 AM

China's economy slows just as the trade fight begins

There are more signs that China's economy is slowing as its trade fight with the United States escalates.

Published 3:02 AM