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Your six biggest money fears
MONEY Magazine: We all worry about money. Problem is, we're scared of the wrong things. Find out why your biggest money worries may be misplaced -- and start building an action plan for the events that should really concern you.

Fear No.1 You die young
Real danger: You're disabled and can't work. »»
RESOURCERESOURCE: Money 101: Life insurance
Fear No.2 The stock market crashes
Real danger: Decades of mediocre returns. »»
Fear No.3 The economy collapses
Real danger: The U.S. juggernaut stalls. »»
RESOURCERESOURCE: Economic indicators
Fear No.4 Your job is outsourced
Real danger: You're obsolete. »»
Fear No.5 The housing bubble pops
Real danger: You're in over your head. »»
RESOURCERESOURCE: How much house can you afford?
Fear No.6 Your identity is stolen
Real danger: Your credit report is full of errors. »»
reader poll: what's your biggest fear?
 You die young  Your job is outsourced
 The stock market crashes  The housing bubble pops
 The economy collapses  Your identity is stolen

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None of these things scare you very much?
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What's riskier? A 1 in 5 chance of a bad outcome or an 80% chance of a good one? Surprise! They're exactly the same. Find out how to stop playing number tricks on yourself. »»