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Little companies, big ideas
Each year Fortune Small Business celebrates entrepreneurs whose cutting-edge vision will keep us talking for the next 12 months. Check out this year's Next Little Thing: Flying cars, blimp power and GPS-enhanced cows ... more
Two scientists chase their dream of digital herding. more
Get ready, Detroit - this small firm is keeping up with the Jetsons. more
Magenn Power is betting big on high-soaring blimps. more
An online startup plans to disrupt the staid world of textbook publishing. more
For a price, Up Aerospace will launch your stamp collection or other small payload into orbit. more
Why electric cars have stalled
Facing technical challenges and a weak market, many of Silicon Valley's electric-car startups are changing direction. more
Where are they now?
Last year, we picked 6 innovative companies with breakthroughs we thought could be the Next Little Thing. Find out how they fared this year. more

A car that can fly
A start-up company has designed a 'roadable aircraft' with wings that fold on landing and a price tag of nearly $200,000. more

Do you know of a company working on a breakthrough? What trends and technologies did we miss? Tell us your picks for the Next Little Thing and they could be featured in an upcoming story. more