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Voyages of rediscovery
Once marred by violence, four beautiful countries want you back.
April 27, 2005: 2:05 PM EDT
By Donna Rosato, MONEY Magazine
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NEW YORK (MONEY Magazine) - Libya. Rwanda. Croatia. Nicaragua. We expect to see these names on the evening news, not travel brochures.

A war or another well-publicized horror can keep tourists away for generations, but these countries have quietly recovered from past troubles with their beauty intact and their history well preserved. Tourists have yet to return in force, so crowds are down and prices are low.

Travelers who want the familiarity of, say, St. Thomas or the guidebook-friendly ease of Paris won't consider these to be dream destinations -- you trade the comforts of a well-established tourism network for real adventure.

But each offers an experience that you can't find anywhere else. So don't cross these countries off your list because of what you think you'll find there. You could miss not only a good deal but a vacation unlike any you, or anyone you know, has ever taken.

Note: All prices are per person, based on double occupancy.

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