Friday Links

October 24, 2014: 2:15 PM ET
101014 - friday links


A weekly collection of design, data and interactive links.

Design/Data viz
ACNP\WGL | Interactive Canvas and WebGL experiments
Beautiful Maps | Tumblr collection of maps
Kristian Hammerstad | Editorial illustrations
Skin | WebGL renders realistic skin texture
The Bus | The Bus by Paul Kirchner
Amigos Playing Cards | Playing cards created by graphic designers
Mattias Adolfsson | A look at the artists sketchbooks
Sound City Project | Listen to New York City
DevTools Tips | Chrome Developer Tools tips and tricks
Introducing GIFV | Automatically convert uploaded gif files on the fly into mp4 format

I've fallen, and I can't get up! | Dave Fothergill tests crowd dynamics using Miarmy for Maya
Drone Racing | Star Wars Style
The Empire Strikes Back Uncut | A fan-made shot-for-shot recreation
Live Coding | Live coding in VR with the Oculus Rift, Firefox WebVR, JavaScript and three.js

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