Friday Links

January 23, 2015: 5:37 PM ET
i love my job mug Image: Pier 9


A weekly collection of design, data and interactive links.

Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures | 3D printed sculptures animate when spun under a strobe light
Woodworking | A look at Japanese woodworking techniques
Gotham 7.5K | A rare high altitude night flight above NYC
California Inspires Me | Narrated by Mike Mills
365 | One year, one film, one second a day
Lapka | Google's modular concept phone

Design/Data viz
Manuals 2 | Design and Identity Guidelines
Lilium | Kenichi Yoneda (Kynd) in collaboration with BRDG
Airbnb Map | Stylized WebGL 3D map
Ross Sonnenberg | How to make images with fireworks and photo paper
Homunculus | Innvotative portfolio site
Genetic Algorithm Walkers | Watch walking creatures evolve through genetic algorithms

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