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Times are tough. But if you're still lucky to have a job, now is the time to focus on relationship building. Think of the capital expenditure as a sound investment in your future. Here are 25 ideas for workplace gift giving.

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Gifts for your boss
Gifts for your boss
Barbara Corcoran, founder, Corcoran Group
Face it: If it's de rigueur at your company to gift your boss, you can't afford to miss the mark.

Holiday tips from Barbara Corcoran:
Never feel you must reciprocate if your boss gives you something. It implies you're on the same level, and you're not.
Nix Secret Santa exchanges. It's peer pressure at its worst.
Do go in on a gift for your boss as a team. Getting gifts from individuals can be awkward.
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Last updated November 26 2008: 11:18 AM ET
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