What to do with $10,000 now

Given the uncertain economic picture, you probably have a chunk of change squirreled away. Here's how to best use that cash.

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Acquire museum-quality art
Although the art market hasn't completely recovered from its slump, an oil on canvas by a big 20th-century name can still run tens of thousands of dollars and up -- often way up.

But it's possible to find a limited-edition print by one of those same artists for $10,000 or less today.

One example: "Windy Day," a 1924 oil-on-canvas by David Davidovich Burliuk, which sold recently at Sotheby's for $7,500.

Visit auction-house websites for Sotheby's and christies to check out upcoming sales.

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Last updated October 18 2010: 11:56 AM ET
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