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Trump Ice
Trump Ice
Yes, Trump has his own bottled water, available at shops and mini-bars in hotels and casinos bearing his name. What's so special about Trump Ice? His name and image, of course, which are on the label.

The water originates in Vermont and is bottled in New York, according to the label, which describes its contents as "one of the highest quality spring waters in the world, with an optimal mineral content."

The mineral content is actually "very low," according to Michael Mascha, publisher of the Web site FineWaters and author of "A Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Most Distinctive Bottled Waters." Mascha also said that the fact that it's in a plastic bottle, not glass, is an obvious sign that Trump Ice is not a luxury product.

But Mascha's main critique of Trump Ice is that the mogul's image is more important than the "epicurean" experience of enjoying high quality water from a special source.

"The brand is clearly not about the water but rather a vehicle for the Trump image," he said. "I think this is what gives bottled water a bad reputation: asking a premium for the image on the bottle rather than focusing on the water and the source."

There's also an issue with ambiance, he said. "I personally would not like to see Trump's face on a plastic bottle if I'm at a fine restaurant having a nice dinner."

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Last updated May 03 2011: 11:16 AM ET
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