Web developer
Web developer
If you know how to write software, build an iPad app or code a web site, the odds are in your favor. Any search on a job web site will show that developers are high in demand.

Public relations firm MWW Group is currently looking to hire a PHP web developer to build web sites for its clients.

The right job candidate understands how to build a site from scratch, has an eye for design and can create applications for social media platforms like Facebook.

MMW has had a hard time filling the position because of the technical expertise required, but also because its northern New Jersey location means it competes with the robust IT job market in nearby New York.

Tech jobs are so hot right now, and most qualified candidates are already employed, said Jennie Dede, vice president of recruiting for Adecco Staffing. That means it often takes a hefty bump in salary or benefits to recruit workers away from other companies.

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Last updated September 28 2011: 2:50 PM ET
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