No jobs in the U.S.? I'm moving!

After getting fed up with the sluggish U.S. economy, these job seekers tell their stories about trying their luck elsewhere.

Two grads start a business in China
Two grads start a business in China

Kyle Long and Jamie Barys
Shanghai, China

With all the horror stories of the job market in the USA, my best friend Jamie and I decided we were not going to do the traditional job search back home.

Instead, after moving to China to study and teach English, we decided to start our own company.

I wanted to get paid to run, and she wanted to get paid to eat, so we decided to start UnTour Shanghai, which is an urban adventure tourism company specializing in sightseeing runs, culinary foodie tours, and cultural excursions here in China.

We offer tourists and guests visiting on business a range of half-day culinary experiences, from an expansive tour of China's delicious noodles to a wet market tour and Chinese cooking workshop, night markets, oddly edible "weird meat" and tea ceremonies.

For the non-foodies, I have routes of anywhere from 10-25Ks, so that we can jog together and I can point out all the main sights of the city in just a few hours and give a little history.

We now love our jobs, our customers are always fun and amazingly adventurous, and we are really having the time of our lives. Best of all, we don't have to worry much about the economy, as there is a constant stream of people coming to China for a wide range of reasons.

Compiled by Annalyn Censky - Last updated August 30 2011: 12:57 PM ET