Spends 16 hours a day washing windows
Spends 16 hours a day washing windows
Name: Alexander Tzamburakis
Job: Window washer
Salary: $125,000
Age: 35
Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

I moved to the United States from Tanzania on a scholarship to the University of Chicago. I studied economics and did really well, so I worked in banking for a while when I finished school. But then my visa expired and I couldn't get it extended. No one would hire me -- it didn't matter how capable I was.

So one day, I was walking around the city trying to think of jobs I might be able to do, and I saw windows all over the place -- and I said `That's it! I'll be a window washer.' So that's what I did. It doesn't matter if you have visa, as long as you have a Social Security number and pay taxes.

I now work as a contractor and bid on window-washing jobs. Most of them are at grocery stores, and some are at car part stores. The summer is the busiest time, and I work around 16 hours a day. It's tiring, but I'm happy with the salary. It lets me support my family.

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