Home state: Wisconsin

I worked at a construction company in Wisconsin where I used to make really good money.

But when the economy went down the tubes, I only made $343 a week, and then we ran out of work altogether and I had to look for other jobs.

The only one I could find right away was at a Walmart in Minnesota, where I made $7.50 an hour.

I met Matt there, and he convinced me to move out here, so I'm living with him in this RV. Obviously I want to find my own place, but that's not gonna happen for a while.

Since I moved to Williston this year, I make around $16 an hour, and I get $24.15 an hour for overtime. I work in the Tire Lube Express of Walmart, where I fix flat tires, do oil changes, and those kinds of things. I came out here with a lot of debt, so the extra money really helps.

And I guess it's worth it to be living like this -- for the time being at least.

One nice thing about living in a parking lot is that you can change your neighbors whenever you want.

Last updated November 03 2011: 10:08 AM ET
Six-figure salaries, but homeless

In Williston, N.D., America's newest oil boomtown, thousands have come looking for work. Yet, many of them can't find housing.

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