Firing horror stories

Firing an employee is never easy. But these horror stories teach the following: Always be polite and professional when giving an employee the boot. And if the person getting fired starts to lose it, duck.

Firing horror stories
Firing horror stories

Think getting fired is hard? Try doing the firing.

And when you are a small business owner it can be particularly hard.

At best, it's an uncomfortable face-to-face confrontation that can lead to hurt feelings. At worst: physical altercations, hacked servers and lost clients.

"Large corporations have a team of people who can assist with hiring and training new people," said Roberta Chinsky Matuson, president of Human Resource Solutions, a Massachusetts-based consultancy. "Small businesses have much less bench strength when it comes to staffing and training."

They don't have much when it comes to firing either. Here's what seven disgruntled employees did to small business owners after they learned they were getting pink-slipped.

By Cindy Waxer, contributing writer - Last updated August 29 2011: 3:54 PM ET
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