$1,200 fangs
$1,200 fangs
High Halloween prices suck. But these prosthetic fangs do not, warns the designer.
Owner: Dnash
Location: Austin, Texas

If clothes make the man, then fangs make the vampire. Dnash (pronounced "Nash") makes couture prosthetic fangs that would make any vampire smile. Though expensive, the fangsmith has a following of customers who chose to be bloodsuckers on Halloween. His customers love the authenticity of his fangs, which are custom fitted for shape and color.

The quadrupling of demand during Halloween can be draining. "I make 400 to 500 pairs of fangs during the season," he said. The price of the fangs depends on the amount of pairs ordered. "A full mouth (8-10 pairs of fangs) can cost up to $1,200. It may seem pricey, but I do quality work."

He advises his clients to exercise caution when wearing the fangs. "I don't encourage my clients to actually drink blood," he said. "So many things could go wrong."

Dnash does an annual Fang Tour to ensure that his clients can have an in-person fitting because, "every set of teeth is unique," he said. "I fit not only for aesthetics, but for tooth health as well." He often reminds his clients of the importance of flossing. "Your teeth should last you a lifetime," he said. Or in a vampire's case, lifetimes.

Last updated October 20 2011: 12:34 PM ET
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