The world in tweets and photos

A dazzling data visualization shows how we've re-mapped our local geography with overlays of images and words.

Photographer and self-described "geek of maps" Eric Fischer likes to explore the visual intersection of geography and user-generated data. His previous projects have illustrated racial divisions in the U.S., the urban photographic habits of locals and tourists, and traffic patterns in San Francisco.

This week Fischer unveiled his latest project: A series of world maps correlating geographic locations with geotagged photos from Flickr and tweets from Twitter. Red dots pinpoint the locations of Flickr pictures, blue dots show tweets, white dots mark places that have been posted to both.

This map of Washington, D.C., shows messages concentrating around the national landmarks and power corridors of the city's federal zone.

By Stacy Cowley - Last updated July 12 2011: 11:02 AM ET
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