Health care reform isn't a job killer - yet

The most sweeping provisions of the president's health care reform are already affecting small businesses. Some firms are holding back spending, while others are expecting growth fueled by tax credits. Few, though, have stopped hiring.

Different takes on the health care law
Different takes on the health care law

Republicans keep arguing President Obama's health care reform is already a job killer for small businesses, but for many firms, hiring continues.

They're responding to rising consumer demand, even as they acknowledge fears of the most sweeping portions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which go into effect in 2014. That year, all small firms with more than 50 full-time employees will have to provide coverage or face expensive fines.

Some are already holding back on spending, afraid of costs that will come with covering employees. Others are marching on with plans to grow, eager to apply for tax credits that passed with the law in 2010.

Many still fear what they call the unknown, as the law heads to the U.S. Supreme Court for potential changes. And most featured here say they keep hiring -- even if it could all come crashing down in a few years.

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