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Diamonds, ducks and other Buffett bling

Would you buy underwear with Warren Buffett's face on it? Here's a look at some of the items for sale this weekend at his company's annual meeting, aka 'Woodstock for capitalists'.

Berkshire Bling

borsheims berkshire pendant

Forget guitars and peace signs. At "Woodstock for capitalists," they sell diamonds.

Borsheims, the jewelry store Berkshire bought in 1989, will sell a diamond pendant with Buffett's signature laser-inscribed on the half carat rock this weekend.

The bauble retails for $2,500, but "Crazy Warren" will let you have it for the low, low price $1,750. That's assuming you own Berkshire stock.

But wait, there's more.

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For just $25, shareholders can take home a "glitzy tumbler" emblazoned with Berkshire's logo. There's the "Berkshire Shimmer Pen" for just $15 and a pair of "tasteful cufflinks" can be had for f $100.

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