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World Cup: Meet soccer's 10 biggest stars

The World Cup is an advertising bonanza. These top players are the best at cashing in.

Gerard Piqué (Spain)

marketable footballers gerard pique

Gerard Piqué has won most of soccer's top championships as a player for Manchester United and FC Barcelona. But his brand has also benefited from his associations off the pitch.

Piqué has been in a relationship with the Colombian singer Shakira for the past few years, which means he "enjoys a heightened level of global public awareness," according to Repucom.

Repucom says Piqué is seen as a "cheerful family man," which makes him seem trustworthy and helps boost his marketability.

Piqué is one of several top players staring in Nike (NKE)'s 'Risk Everything' campaign, in which fans are encouraged to post videos of themselves playing soccer on social media.

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