But, sell at your own risk

bull market on fire

Don't overreact to scary geopolitical headlines.

The current bull market in stocks has proven quite resilient to crisis-induced panic attacks. Terror attacks, saber rattling by Putin and tensions with China have all failed to derail the market.

That's because stock prices are typically driven by earnings, which in turn are fueled by economic growth. A geopolitical event would have to truly threaten corporate profits before it kills the bull market.

"Experience has taught us you don't want to overreact to geopolitical crisis. More often than not, they do present a buying opportunity," said Yardeni.

Indeed, despite the markets turning negative after Turkey shot down the Russian warplane, CNNMoney's Fear and Greed Index actually went from "neutral" to flashing "greed" on Tuesday.

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First published November 26, 2015: 9:01 PM ET

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