Mark Zuckerberg

executive dollar salary mark zuckerberg
  • Title: CEO, Chairman, Facebook
  • Salary: $1
  • Stock, options, other compensation: $653,164
  • Total pay: $653,165

Facebook has been on a spending spree, buying the messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion and virtual reality firm Oculus for $2 billion this year. But CEO Zuckerberg has been more frugal with himself, cutting his salary to $1 in 2013, after earning nearly $2 million a year earlier.

Still, it's safe to say Zuckerberg, a billionaire, can afford the pay cut. The only compensation he did receive was about $650,000 to cover the costs for his air travel on a chartered jet.

First published September 15, 2014: 6:26 PM ET

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