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The 10 wealthiest couples in the world

These 10 power couples are each worth tens of billions of dollars, making Beyonce and Jay-Z look middle class in comparison.

7.  Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos

  • Net worth: $39.8 billion

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon (AMZN) in 1994 after working on Wall Street for about eight years.

He continues to serve as the company's chairman and CEO, overseeing a corporate evolution where Amazon expanded its sales focus from books to an endless range of consumer goods.

Amazon Studios is now increasingly competing in the same league as Netflix (NFLX) and established cable networks like HBO.

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He met his now-wife Mackenzie Bezos when they worked together at the investment firm D. E. Shaw.

They married in the early 1990s and worked to start Amazon together.

Mackenzie, an author, also founded Bystander Revolution in 2014, an anti-bullying organization.

Source: Wealth-X
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