22. Bank of America Merrill Lynch

top new grad employers

BofA says it recruits with care, treating each prospective hire as an individual. Students often are introduced to the company during an internship, although only about 4% of those who apply are accepted. But once in, they're likely to get a long-term gig: About 90% end up being hired after graduation.

Don't have a finance degree? Worry not: More important to company hiring managers is having a love of the industry and a "track record of excellence," says Sandra Hurse, global head of campus recruiting and junior talent management. --A.L.

First published June 29, 2016: 2:49 PM ET
Data source: Universum Global

How we pick the Top Employers for New Grads: Think of it as a popularity contest for companies: Every year research firm Universum Global ranks the most desirable employers, based on where undergraduate students around the world say they'd most like to work after graduation. More

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