23.  Bank of America Merrill Lynch

2017 top new grad employers

Bank of America Merrill Lynch recruits on campus for a variety of entry-level jobs and internships in investment banking, sales, trading and other financial services. Summer internships are the company's primary source of recruiting for full-time positions, according to its website, but BofA also offers training programs for new analysts and associates.

In the UK, the company even offers a Degree Apprenticeship program for young people who prefer to "jump straight into the world of work" rather than pursue university, according to the company website.

If you're invited to interview, go in confident and prepared. "You won't be declined for a position because you prepared too much," advises the company website. --R.M.

First published June 30, 2017: 4:35 PM ET
Source: Data source: Universum Global
How we pick the Top Employers for New Grads: Think of it as a popularity contest for companies: Every year research firm Universum Global ranks the most desirable employers, based on where undergraduate students around the world say they'd most like to work after graduation. Rankings here are for business students. For engineering/IT rankings, see the full list. More

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