3.  Apple

2017 top new grad employers

If you're wondering what Apple wants from new grads, take it straight from the top: "Measure your impact on humanity not in 'likes,' but in the lives you touch." That was the message CEO Tim Cook delivered to MIT's class of 2017 during his recent commencement address.

Technology is capable of great things, but it's the people behind it who really matter, according to Cook. And the kind of people his company hires are perfectionists, idealists and big thinkers. Join Apple, the company says, and help "leave the world better than we found it."

Some of the company's biggest thinking is behind its new headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. Employees have started moving in to the new "Spaceship" campus, whose construction has been overseen by design chief Jonathan Ive. Facilities will boast a 100,000-square-foot fitness and wellness center and a café that can seat 4,000. --T.Z.

First published June 30, 2017: 4:35 PM ET
Source: Data source: Universum Global
How we pick the Top Employers for New Grads: Think of it as a popularity contest for companies: Every year research firm Universum Global ranks the most desirable employers, based on where undergraduate students around the world say they'd most like to work after graduation. Rankings here are for business students. For engineering/IT rankings, see the full list. More

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