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Men in female-dominated jobs

Nursing, child care and administrative jobs are still dominated by women. Meet 8 men who are proud to work in these fields.

Is a male nurse a 'murse'?

  • Name: Evan Caughel, 26
  • Place: Buffalo, N.Y.

I was drawn to nursing for two reasons. One was just necessity. I needed to make money and that was a field that was hiring, so I worked as an orderly during college.

After doing that for about a year, I realized I really enjoyed it and I transferred into nursing school.

Starting out, I was about one of five men in a class of about 55. When I started in the hospital, you really notice the difference.

I work in the emergency room and some patients who come in, usually older men, don't want a male nurse. And there's one area -- maternity -- where men often are not welcome. I can understand that, and honestly, I have no want or need to be on the maternity floor.

Sometimes, older patients think I'm a doctor. I often tell them, "No, no, believe me I'm not your doctor, I'm your nurse, but I'll take their paycheck if you want to give it to me."

I've been called a male nurse and a "murse." It doesn't bother me much, but some of my colleagues hate that. Why does it have to be male nurse? Why can't we all just be nurses?

  @AnnalynKurtz - Last updated February 05 2013 09:57 AM ET

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