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Men in female-dominated jobs

Nursing, child care and administrative jobs are still dominated by women. Meet 8 men who are proud to work in these fields.

I wouldn't mind being called a secretary

  • Name: Kai Brockington, 30
  • Place: Atlanta, Ga.

I started working as an administrative assistant at Southern Polytechnic State University last year, after previously working in sales. Although I don't know why, I'm well aware that similar positions are typically female dominated.

In my day-to-day duties, I support an entire department. I maintain schedules, handle logistics related to travel, and have receptionist responsibilities as well.

I think the term secretary is outdated, but would be comfortable with it as a title.

This job is ideal for me because it provides the opportunity to pursue other interests in non-profit work and research. I'm not looking to advance in this role because I'm more passionate about my non-profit work.

That said, if an individual did want to advance their career -- towards supporting the president of the University or a similar capacity -- I feel they certainly would have that opportunity.

  @AnnalynKurtz - Last updated February 05 2013 09:57 AM ET

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