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I had 10 jobs before 25

In the search for the ideal job, these millennials job-hopped often in their teens and early twenties.

I have extreme wanderlust

brittany keller 10 jobs under 25
  • Name: Brittany Keller, 25
  • Place: Telluride, Colo.
  • Current job: Ski lift operator

I'm 25, and I've already worked 12 jobs in Atlanta, Detroit, Daytona Beach, Pittsburgh, and Telluride. Next up, is Alaska.

Part of the reason I've had so many jobs is that I haven't yet figured out what I really like. But I have figured out what I don't like.

I have a degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech. Originally, I wanted to be a race car driver, but once I got into it, I decided I liked the design aspect best. Those jobs don't really exist for mechanical engineers though.

In my ideal job, I would have some flexibility. During my last internship at a manufacturer of baby toys, I had the quintessential cubicle job. Most of my job could have been accomplished at home on my computer, but the company didn't allow me to work even one day from home.

Location is important. I have extreme wanderlust, so I'm completely open for business trips. If I could get a job where I'm traveling 75% of the time, I would be completely happy.

I'm also very attached to the outdoor industry. I'd like to focus on outdoor goods, hiking, biking, camping, skiing, etc.

Now, I'm doing the seasonal thing. Currently, I'm working my last week at Telluride Ski and Golf Resort, where I work as a lift operator. I'll be moving to Alaska in May to work as a zipline guide.

I may not be using my degree right now, but I'm still really glad that I have it, should I ever decide to go back into engineering.

Other jobs: Bartender, hostess, product development engineer, design intern, manufacturing intern for General Motors, sales associate at Pier 1, sales associate at Yankee Candle, team member at Cold Stone Creamery

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