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I had 10 jobs before 25

In the search for the ideal job, these millennials job-hopped often in their teens and early twenties.

I'm not pigeonholed into one role

conor keenan 10 jobs under 25
  • Name: Conor Keenan, 23
  • Place: Chicago, Ill.
  • Current job: SEO analyst and email marketer

With the job market the way it is, I feel people need to move around a lot.

I'm originally from Michigan and as you know, Detroit is not the boomtown it once was. I moved down to New Orleans for job opportunities, and now I live in Chicago because there's a lot more opportunity here.

I've already had 14 jobs, and I'm only 23.

Once, I was a golf caddy, which puts you around a lot of very rich, very successful people. People were conducting sales on the golf course, and I learned how executive businessmen talk outside of a regular sales setting.

I also learned not to neglect social media when looking for jobs. One of my friends tweeted -- come down to the convention center and test drive cars for a day. They paid me $25 an hour to test-drive cars. Perfect.

Being a TV pilot extra was really easy work. We had to move sporadically through Harrah's Casino. We'd be on set for an hour and then we'd go hang out for an hour.

As a server at the Melting Pot, you're talking to people all the time. You learn how to communicate interpersonally, clearly define things for people, and how to direct conversations. There's nothing worse as a server than you sitting there waiting for someone to make a decision.

Working all these different jobs have given me the ability to learn quickly. You're not really pigeonholed into one specific role.

Other jobs: Local election worker, preschool teacher assistant, political campaign treasurer, brand promoter, teaching assistant at Michigan State University, cafeteria worker

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