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I had 10 jobs before 25

In the search for the ideal job, these millennials job-hopped often in their teens and early twenties.

I want to learn many different skills

jaclyn krucik 10 jobs under 25
  • Name: Jaclyn Krucik, 25
  • Place: Vancouver, B.C.
  • Current job: Public relations coordinator

I am 25 years old, and I've had at least 11 jobs since I started working at the age of 17.

When I was in my teens I had the crazy idea that I wanted to do as many different jobs, learning as many different skills as I could, while I was young enough to 'pull it off'.

How better to learn how to garden, cook or make coffee than to actually spend a summer doing that for money, right?

Since I graduated from college, my above-average number of job switches have been partly due to the poor economy. It's been hard to find a job, and I took what I could get until something better came along.

Also, I have the desire to find a job I love (which I think I've done with my current role in marketing with Nurse Next Door).

I live in an expensive city so I picked up a second job four months ago and have been working six to seven days a week to pay my rent and still afford a few dinners out with friends during the week.

Other jobs: Grocery store clerk, barista, salad prep for a catering company, landscaper, basketball camp counselor, waitress, merchandiser for a beer company, sales associate for lululemon, medical sales rep, casino clerk selling cigarettes and lottery tickets

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