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The safety net failed me

Unemployment checks to 80,000 Californians have been delayed after the state switched over to a new computer system. These people are still waiting on their checks.

I have $1.75 in my checking account

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  • Name: Carol Malichky, 49
  • Place: Glendale, Calif.

I was a massage therapist at a spa, and I was laid off in July because my current employer is relocating our business. We were supposed to re-open by now, but due to construction issues, it's not going to happen.

I went from working a 40-hour week, to nothing. I called California EDD, told them the story, and was told I would be getting $223 a week.

I got an unemployment payment today for one week, but due to the delays, I am still owed for five weeks.

Since I've been laid off, I went through all of my savings to pay last month's bills and rent. I felt EDD was a lifeline to get me through that period of time, but now I have no money for food, bills, etc.

I have $1.75 in my checking account and a couple dollars in my savings account.

I'm actively looking for a new job, but massage therapy might be on hold because I have to renew my certification, which costs $150. Having a roof over my head is more important.

My main concern right now is paying the rent, which is $775 a month. I can do without everything else. I take the bus, electricity costs about $100 and my student loan payments are about $150 a month.

It's frustrating and embarrassing. I've never been on any kind of assistance before.

  @AnnalynKurtz - Last updated September 25 2013 04:21 PM ET

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