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Biggest pay raises over 30 years

Over the last generation, pay for some professions has risen much faster than the overall rate of inflation.


fastest growing wages pharmacist
  • 1983 median wage: $26,624*
  • 2012 median wage: $97,604
  • Increase: 267%

The same forces that are pushing up wages for doctors are at work with pharmacists too -- aging population, increasing complexity of medications on offer, and a shortage of people that know the science.

The growth in pharmacist pay far exceeds the growth in median pay for all jobs since 1983. The median wage for all jobs grew 145% -- just over the rate of inflation -- from $16,276 in 1983 to $39,936 in 2012.

Source: CNN analysis of 45 professions in the Current Population Survey, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Note: *Numbers are not inflation adjusted. Overall inflation from 1983-2012 was 131%
Some professions with high wage inflation, such as chief executives and personal financial advisers, were not tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 1983, and are excluded from this list.

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