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Europe's lost generation?

One in four young people in Europe are out of work. These 20-somethings share their stories.

'I didn't think it would be this bad'

youuth france joachim hincelin
  • Who: Joachim Hincelin, 23
  • Country: France
  • Youth unemployment: 26%

Joachim Hincelin knew it would be difficult to find a job after completing his architecture degree in Paris, but didn't realize how tough it would be.

"I have been searching quite actively for three months. I still haven't found anything and I'm even having some difficulty securing interviews," he said.

Watch: How I'm surviving Europe's jobs crisis

Many of his friends are also struggling to find work in their field, with some opting to leave France or accept work in a different sector.

The French economy barely grew in 2013, acting as a drag on the eurozone's wider recovery from its longest recession on record.

French unemployment is higher than a year ago, at just under 11%.

--Interview conducted by CNN's Lilia Blaise, with assistance from CNN's Niki Cook.

Source: The latest unemployment figures are from the European Commission. They have been rounded to the nearest whole number. Youth unemployment is for ages 15 to 24.
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