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Europe's lost generation?

One in four young people in Europe are out of work. These 20-somethings share their stories.

'They're moving away'

youth spain victoria rodriguez
  • Who: Victoria Benedicto Rodriguez, 23
  • Country: Spain
  • Youth unemployment: 58%

Nearly 27% of the Spanish population is unemployed, and the statistics for young people are even worse.

In many cases, they are looking abroad for work, with the U.K. a popular destination.

But Victoria Benedicto Rodriguez, a law and business student in Madrid, said the situation in her country is improving.

"Some people who finished their degrees a few years ago are still having difficulty finding jobs. They're moving away to foreign countries," she said. "But ... my friends that graduated last year typically have jobs. Things are getting better."

Benedicto Rodriguez is confident she will find work as a public prosecutor, but only after another three years of intense study once she completes her joint degree in May.

Source: The latest unemployment figures are from the European Commission. They have been rounded to the nearest whole number. Youth unemployment is for ages 15 to 24.
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