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Europe's lost generation?

One in four young people in Europe are out of work. These 20-somethings share their stories.

'I will have to go abroad'

youth porugal josé costa
  • Who: José Guilherme Costa, 22
  • Country: Portugal
  • Youth unemployment: 37%

Like many young Portuguese, José Guilherme Costa is struggling to find work after finishing his undergraduate degree in marketing.

"If I want to work in my field of studies, I will have to go abroad. I will have to try my luck, probably in England or Germany, but not in Portugal," he said.

He has been unemployed since graduating in July. He says most of his friends are unemployed. Only a few have internships, and they are poorly paid.

Watch: How I'm surviving Europe's jobs crisis

Guilherme Costa said he is now preparing to study for a master's degree, in the hope this will open up new opportunities.

Portugal's economy has paid a heavy price for the spending cuts and structural reforms demanded in return for a 2011 bailout from the European Union and International Monetary Fund. Unemployment in the country is still stuck above 15%.

--Interview conducted by CNN's Luís de Almeida.

Source: The latest unemployment figures are from the European Commission. They have been rounded to the nearest whole number. Youth unemployment is for ages 15 to 24.
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