Surprising minimum wage jobs

Fast food and retail store workers are leading the charge to increase low wages. But these five professions are also stuck with near minimum wages, despite a high level of training and skills or long hours at their jobs.


minimum wage jobs model
  • Average annual salary: $26,110
  • Average hourly wage: $12.55

Modeling sounds glamorous, and expensive: walking down coveted runways decked out in thousands of dollars of clothes, being watched by mega celebrities, getting photographed for top fashion magazines, or jet setting around the world.

What's not to love about that, however, is that despite the 18-hour days and the huge profits they help bring in for fashion houses, models are among the country's low-wage earners with an average of $26,110 per year, according to U.S. government data.

  @emilyjanefox - Last updated February 27 2014 03:19 PM ET

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