Name: Four retired friends, Orlando, Florida
Voting for: Trump

Orlando Retiress Wayne

These former BellSouth co-workers still meet weekly for lunch at the Conway Cafe outside Orlando, Florida. All of them plan to vote for Trump.

"[A] high school education was all I had. And I got by just fine because there were jobs available at the time that provided a decent income," Dan Grant (second from left) told CNNMoney. He worries that the path to the American Dream is gone.

"I think Trump's got the ability to get the right people around him and make things happen," Grant said.

His long-time friend Wayne Kemp (far right) agrees, but admits he has concerns about Trump.

"He worries me sometimes. I wish he would listen more to his generals," Kemp said.

First published October 11, 2016: 11:03 AM ET

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